Tuesday, August 8, 2017

K-pop Female Groups: My 2016 Top 30 Songs ~ No. 10 - No. 1

This will be the third and final part for my 2016 top 30 songs chart from K-pop female groups. If you missed out previous parts, you can click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2. Now let's continue our journey to the top of the chart. Hope you enjoy it!

~ No. 10 ~

Song: Sting
Group: Stellar

Left from top: Gayoung, Hyoeun and Minhee
Right: Jeonyoul

I love Stellar, and I think 2016 was a good year for them; they had released few good songs and one of them was Sting which personally I think is quite a unique song. They still retained their sexy concept for the music video which they were quite known for but a bit less controversy this time.

Watch Sting MV here.

~ No. 9 ~

Song: Navillera
Group: Gfriend

From left in arc direction: SinB, Sowon, Umji, Yerin and Yuju
Center bottom: Eunha

I've mentioned before that Gfriend's songs tend to sound similar to one another but Navillera is one of the few that could easily be distinguished from the rest. It's a catchy song with a fun beat.

Watch Navillera MV here.


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My original plan was to take a break from this blog after posting my top 30 songs chart from female K-pop groups (which supposed to have 3 parts) but I took a break before I even posted part 3 (the final part) of the chart! My apologies for that! I will post it immediately after this.

Due to the hectic schedule of my personal and work lives, I will continue to take my break but I'm hoping I would be able to actively blogging again soon.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

K-pop Female Groups: My 2016 Top 30 Songs ~ No. 20 - No. 11

Here is Part 2 for my 2016 top 30 songs chart from K-pop female groups. This post will feature songs at number 20 to 11. If you missed Part 1, you can check it out here.

Let's continue with the list! I hope you enjoy my selection of songs.

~ No. 20 ~

Song: Playing With Fire
Group: Blackpink

Top from left: Jennie and Jisoo
Bottom from left: Lisa and Rose

I've mentioned before that Blackpink made quite a wave in 2016 with their releases, and Playing With Fire was no exception. It's a cool song and the short piano (I think) intro for the song is pretty nice.

Watch Playing With Fire MV here.

~ No. 19 ~

Song: Windy Day
Group: Oh My Girl

From left: Arin, Binnie, Hyojung, Jiho, JinE, Mimi, Seunghee and YooA

This is quite a unique song. It has somewhat of a Middle-Eastern influence in the end part of the chorus which makes it quite refreshing. The concept for the music video is quite nice too.

Watch Windy Day MV here.

Friday, March 24, 2017

K-pop Female Groups: My 2016 Top 30 Songs ~ No. 30 - No. 21

I think it's crazy and ridiculous to post something about 2016 list when it's already March 2017 but I had to do it! I had done this list for several years now and I don't want to miss it for this year so I am still going to post it even though it is already quite late. And it's not just 20 songs like what I used to do in previous years but 30 songs! So without any further delay, here are my top 30 songs for 2016 from k-pop female groups. I will split it into 3 posts and this first part will feature songs that were ranked from number 30 to 21.

I won't be commenting much for each of the song below not only because I want to finish this quick but also I hope that the music will speak for itself.


~ No. 30 ~

Song: Over
Group: Two X

Clockwise from top left: Eun, Eunyoung, Jiyou and Surin

They were back after a few years of hiatus. The hunky guys in the music video didn't really make sense with the video's narrative but it is still a pretty good song.

Watch Over MV here.

~ No. 29 ~

Song: L.I.E
Group: EXID

From left: Hani, Hyelin, Jeonghwa, LE and Solji

I like this song although I feel that it was not as strong as their other popular songs like Up and Down and Ah Yeah.

Watch L.I.E MV here.

Friday, January 27, 2017

2016 Films ~ My Top 10 Memorable Characters

Aside from doing a top 10 list for my favourite movie of the year, I've also decided to do a top 10 memorable characters from the movies I've watched in 2016 (as you can obviously see from the title of this post). I actually had planned to do this before for 2015 movies but I was short on time so I decided to scrap that plan.

Listing 10 movies was hard enough, now it is for characters (and there are tonnes of them!) so this is an even tougher task to accomplish. So to make my job (slightly) easier, I will only take one character per movie, so even though they are many interesting characters in one movie, I would only picked one that I personally think the best.

These characters are not necessarily have to be the main characters, it can be a small role within the film, but the characters have to make a huge impact on me, or make an impressive impression, to make it into my list.

So without further delay, here are my top 10 memorable characters from 2016 films. I hope you enjoy the list.

10. Lieutenant Commander Leonard McCoy, M.D.
Film: Star Trek Beyond
Actor: Karl Urban

I like this character, he's funny and sarcastic. Even though he might be blunt in his reaction to things, above all he's a good friend and an important crew of the USS Enterprise. There are many characters in Star Trek Beyond, old and new, but Leonard McCoy stands out from the rest with his wit and sarcasm remarks. I hope he continue to stick around in this franchise because he brings a lot of the charm into the movie as well.

9. Lunafreya Nox Fleuret
Film: Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
Voice actor: Lena Headey

Eventhough Lunafreya only has a small role in this film, she still give quite an impact on me. I was captivated everytime she was on screen, she just has that persona and charisma about her. She's a strong-willed person and even though she may seem soft and delicate from the outside, you can tell that she has a strong heart and that she will endure every challenges that befall her. I would say that she's a very good role model and someone who you could look up to as a character.